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Winter Weather Prep

Winter is here and it is important to fortify and protect your home in preparation for the harsh conditions ahead.

Outdoor Prep

  • Clean the gutters before the first snow. Leaves, twigs, and debris can obstruct the flow of rainwater and melting snow – clogs the gutters and creates ice dams, leading to water damage in walls, ceilings, and insulation. Protect your hands from scrapes with Venom Steel RIP RESISTANT INDUSTRIAL NITRILE GLOVES.
  • Inspect your roof. Packed snow can devastate a roof, so replacing any broken shingles is critical before winter storms bear down.
  • Prep your generator and snow blower for winter by filling them with gas. Ensure they are turned off and cooled down beforehand. Use Venom Steel WORKSHOP WIPES to clean any spills.
  • Once the snow arrives, you will be cleaning off cars, shoveling and firing up the snow blower. Slip on some Venom Steel EASY ON BOOT AND SHOE COVERS as you move from the wet, snowy outdoors, and into the house to retrieve any tools.

Indoor Maintenance

  • Have your furnace maintained to improve the life span of the unit. Change the furnace filter by wiping any dust or debris around the filter compartment. Insert the new filter, following the airflow direction indicated. A well-kept furnace will help conserve energy and be less likely to breakdown on freezing cold days.
  • Upgrade your insulation using heavy-duty padding. Add layers of rock wool or rigid foam while wearing Venom Steel SPLASH PROTECTION INDUSTRIAL LATEX GLOVES to protect up to your wrists from the unwelcome touch of the materials. Turn your home into a fortress against winter’s icy grip.
  • Prepare your fireplace by removing accumulated ash, debris, and leftover logs. Grab a Venom Steel HEAVY DUTY BARRIER FACE MASK to prevent breathing in dust particles. Grip a fireplace shovel and stiff brush to clean the interior. Inspect your chimney for obstructions. Now you are ready for the forging of a mighty fire.

These are just a few preventative measures that homeowners can take before severe winter weather takes hold. By checking off the items on this list, your family will be safe – and warm – this winter.